Find out which emotion trap you tend to fall into, and BREAK FREE

Emotion Traps Assessment

By asking the question, “How do I tend to respond when I'm upset?” we gain insight into ourselves.

This short, free quiz poses questions to identify the Emotion Trap to which you may be most vulnerable.

The three Emotion Traps are:

  • The Knee-Jerk Reaction Trap
  • The Lurking Emotions Trap
  • The Inaccessible Emotions Trap

Once you know your trap, you can learn to take new actions to deal with your emotions constructively, so you can achieve optimal outcomes, even during times of emotional upset.

The quiz takes about seven minutes to complete; answers are confidential.

Organizational leaders, executive coaches, professors and business consultants already use this framework to help people free themselves from conflict and achieve optimal outcomes.

To learn more about the Emotion Traps, pick up the book, Optimal Outcomes.