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The List TV: 4 Ways to Manage Conflict at Work (click to watch the TV segment)

Harper Collins Back to Business Leadership Summit: Optimal Outcomes (click to watch the webinar)

Samsung: Optimal Outcomes Webinar (click to watch the webinar)

The Strand Bookstore: Optimal Outcomes Launch (click to watch the video of the live event)

LeadX: Optimal Outcomes Webinar (click to watch the webinar)

Soundview: Optimal Outcomes Webinar (click to watch the webinar) - Optimal Outcomes Selected a Soundview Best Business Book of 2020

Uptime App: How to Prevent Unintended Consequences (click to watch the short video trilogy)

Women's Leadership Initiative: Leadership in Times of Crisis with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler and Wanda Wallace - Live panel discussion (click to watch the video of the live event)

Fast Company Innovation Festival: Optimal Outcomes Workshop (public webinar)

United States Treasury: Executive Institute Optimal Outcomes Book Talk (private event) 

Columbia Business School Leadership Lab: Optimal Outcomes Book Talk (private event)

Chief - Women's Event: Optimal Outcomes Book Talk (private event)

Lower Manhattan Headquarters: Freeing Yourself from Conflict with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler (live public webinar)

The Executives' Club of Chicago: Optimal Outcomes Book Talk (private event)

Mediation Works Incorporated: Optimal Outcomes Book Talk (private event)

Collibra: Optimal Outcomes Book Talk (private event)

IVY Boston: Masterclass with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler - being rescheduled TBD

IVY DC: Masterclass with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler - being rescheduled TBD

The 92nd Street Y: Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler in Conversation with Leadership Expert Peter Bregman - being rescheduled TBD

As Quoted In

Financial Times: FT Business Books of the Month: February Edition

Success Magazine: 6 Books to Help You Live Your Best Life

Forbes: Steeped in Conflict? Here's How to Break Free

The New York Post: Does Political Banter Belong in the Office?

Inc: 6 Powerful Ways to Free Yourself Completely from Office Drama

Fast Company: 6 Effective Ways to Set Boundaries With Your Family When Working From Home

MarketWatch: 5 Reasons Gov. Cuomo and Dr. Fauci are America’s De Facto Leaders During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Washington Times: Book Review: Optimal Outcomes

Fortune: How to Deal With the Really Problematic People in Your Life

The Globe and Mail: Stop Waiting on Others -- Free Yourself from Unwanted Conflict

Mind Body Green: 4 Conflicts Families Are Facing Right Now & How to Deal With Them

Good Housekeeping: 11 Techniques Successful Couples Use When They Argue

Money Control: Book Review: Learn to Free Yourself from Conflict Loop and Take Charge of Your Life

Quartz: A Counterterrorism Expert Explains How to Deal with Your Mother and Problem Co-Workers

Thrive Global: How to Reduce Damaging Conflict In Your Life, Work and Relationships

Mind Body Green: Why Quarantine May Be Causing You to Emotionally Regress & How to Avoid It

Association for Talent Development: Book Capsules: Optimal Outcomes

Hawaii Business Magazine: How to Deal with Anger, Sadness or Fear at Work

Forbes: Necessary Obstacles: Challenges Help Write Your Story

LeaderShop: Workplace, Career, and Life Advice from Today's Top Thought Leaders

The Enterprisers Project: 8 Communication Mistakes Leaders Still Make

Columbia Online Magazine: Alumni Bookshelf: Optimal Outcomes

Soundview: Optimal Outcomes Chosen As One of the Top 30 Business Books of the Year

Leadership Now: How to Achieve Optimal Outcomes

Biz Ed Magazine: Bookshelf: Review of Optimal Outcomes

Forbes: How Leaders Can Break Out of the Conflict Loop

Annie's Book Stop: Author Spotlight: Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Chief Learning Officer Magazine Online: Resolving Tough Conflicts – One Competency at a Time

Risk Assistance Network + Exchange (RANE): Building a Compliance Culture, Featured Expert 2016

Audio & Podcasts

Dear HBR: Disagreeable Colleagues

Fast Company's Secrets of the Most Productive People: How to Stay Sane While WFH w/ Kids

Disrupt Yourself with Whitney Johnson: Optimal Outcomes

Reboot Podcast with Jerry Colonna: Breaking the Cycle with Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Before Breakfast Podcast with Laura Vanderkam: Honor Your Shadow Values

Storybrand Podcast: Could Conflict at Work Actually Be a Good Thing?

Negotiate Anything: The Root of American Conflict with Jen Goldman-Wetzler, Ph.D.

The Bregman Leadership Podcast: Optimal Outcomes

Work and Life with Stew Friedman: Free Yourself from Conflict

American Real: Optimal Outcomes with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

IBM Center for the Business of Government: Radio Hour with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler 

How to Be Awesome at Your Job: How to Free Yourself from Conflict

Out of the Comfort Zone Radio Hour with Wanda Wallace: Conflict Freedom

Transformational Energy Leadership Radio Hour: Achieve Optimal Outcomes

Hack the Process: Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Eternal Leadership: Optimal Outcomes-- Free Yourself from Conflict

The Lucas Rockwood Show: Become a Conflict Master

Transform Your Workplace Podcast on XeniumHR: How to Free Yourself From the Conflict Cycle

Finding Brave Podcast: How to Free Yourself from Conflict In Work, Home and Life

Relationship Alive!: When You're in Conflict, How to Find Optimal Outcomes

Scaling Up Services: Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Crafting Solutions to Conflict: Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler on Optimal Outcomes

Management 3.0: Conflict Freedom vs. Conflict Resolution

Negotiate Anything: How to Free Yourself from Conflict

Gartner Talent Angle Podcast with Scott Engler: Free Yourself from Conflict

Love in Action Podcast with Marcel Schwantes: Experience Conflict Freedom

Work 2.0: Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Elegant Warrior Podcast: Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Know Your Team Podcast: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler- Optimal Outcomes

The Pausecast with Rachael O'Meara: Pausing with Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

The KTS Success Factor: A Podcast for Women: Simple Strategies for Addressing Conflict at Work

Well Damn Podcast: No More Drama: Free Yourself from Conflict with Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Lifehacker Podcast: How to Be a Good Boss

GDA Podcast: Interview with GDA Podcast

Beyond Intractability: Expert Interview

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